X-Men Star Olivia Munn Shares Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Undergoes Double Mastectomy

Olivia Munn bravely revealed she was battling an “aggressive” form of breast cancer, candidly sharing her diagnosis and recovery journey while urging others to prioritize proactive health measures and explaining how to get an early prognosis. Taking to her Instagram account last night (Wednesday, March 13), the 43-year-old actress posted...


This is the only Lobster tails recipe you’ll ever need and it’s surprisingly easy! The broiled lobster meat is crazy tender, juicy and each bite is tantalizingly flavorful, especially after dipping into the warm garlic lemon butter. Dunk it in, take it for a swim, watch the excess drip off your...

Ten Signs That Your Body Is Not in Balance

Ten symptoms that indicate a problem with your body Experts claim that there are a variety of signals that your body gives you to let you know when something is wrong. These warning signs have been gathered by us so that you may help prevent any health issues along the...

Michael Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter opens up about rehabilitation

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella has opened up about her agonizing recovery after undergoing brain surgery to remove a rare and fast-growing tumor. The 19-year-old University of Southern California freshman was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in October after she began suffering from ‘excruciating headaches’ and was waking up vomiting every morning. She underwent emergency surgery after she was...

Maximize Freshness: How to Store Garlic in the Freezer

Garlic is a beloved ingredient in many kitchens, bringing a delightful flavor to dishes. However, if not stored properly, it can sprout, dry out, or spoil. But fear not! We have a fantastic solution for you: freeze it The Benefits of Freezer Storage When you freeze garlic, it retains its...
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