Family Regret Taking Someone Else’s Theater Seats After They See What Seats They Got

The theater continues to be an important part of our culture. As Oscar Wilde put it, it’s the greatest of all art forms and the best way for people to share with others what it means to be a human being.

Part of maintaining this experience requires the audience to practice good etiquette, which some completely disregard. Like this family, who, during intermission, approached seats with coats on them (a sign that they were already reserved), gathered them up, and dumped them on an empty chair in the front. But as we know, karma exists, and their impolite behavior didn’t go unnoticed.

The Importance of Theater Etiquette

The theater is a cherished cultural institution, and it’s important for everyone to practice good theater etiquette. Unfortunately, some people fail to do so, as demonstrated by this regretful incident involving a family who took someone else’s reserved seats during intermission. But as we’ll soon see, karma has a way of teaching us valuable lessons.

Unassigned Seating Can Be Confusing

Assigned and unassigned seating in theaters has been a source of confusion for some time. In certain places in the US, reservation options are still not available, while others choose not to participate in them for various reasons.

As someone from Europe, where assigned seating has always been the norm, this debate is quite puzzling. In Europe, you always have to choose your seats before or upon purchasing tickets. In contrast, the trend of reserved seating in the US only gained popularity in recent years. Prior to that, people had to search for empty seats, often finding them marked as “reserved” with headbands or even laptops.

The Benefits of Reserved Seating

Writer Mark Vanhoenacker raised his frustrations about the lack of reserved seating in American theaters in a 2013 article. He argued that having reservations would allow moviegoers to comfortably choose where they want to sit. It would eliminate the need to arrive early, stand in long lines, or rush into the theater. Reserved seating also ensures that friends can sit together and accommodates individuals with limited mobility.

Against Reserved Seating

While many advocate for reserved seating, there are also those who oppose it. Keith Phipps, a writer about movies and TV, argued in a 2015 article that reserved seating rarely works or saves time. He believes that people often end up in the wrong seats, causing staff to relocate them during the first 20 minutes of the movie. Phipps also prefers to choose his seats based on his preferences, such as avoiding distractions from certain types of people.

The Karma of the Family’s Action

In this particular incident, the family who took someone else’s reserved seats learned the hard way that karma exists. While they may have thought they got away with their impolite behavior, the universe had other plans. The family that the seats belonged to got upgraded to a better seating option, leaving the impolite family filled with regret.

Similar Stories and Opinions

Many commenters applauded the karma that the family received and shared similar stories of theater etiquette gone wrong. The incident served as a reminder that good etiquette is essential for enjoying a positive theater experience.