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McDonald’s First-Ever Beauty Collab: Nails and Stickers for $7

McDonald’s and a fresh manicure? Yes, you heard that right. The famous fast-food chain has teamed up with Nails.Inc for its very first beauty collaboration. This exciting partnership brings you press-on nails, nail polishes, and nail stickers inspired by McDonald’s signature colors and iconic menu items. Think bright red, gold, Big Macs, and french fries. And the best part? You can grab the collection on Amazon right now!

Nails.Inc x McDonald’s Nail Polish Collection

If you’re a fan of press-on nails, then the “I Speak French” set is perfect for you. The set comes in a cute “to-go” brown bag filled with 30 medium almond-shaped artificial nails. And the best part? Some of the nude nails are topped with stickers of everyone’s favorite fast-food order – fries!

Looking to add a pop of something extra? The Gold Hearts Topper Polish is the way to go. With just one swipe, it adds shimmering gold hearts to any base color. The nail polish bottle even features McDonald’s signature golden arches and the iconic “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan on the cap.

No McDonald’s meal is complete without a side of fries. That’s why the Nail Polish and Sticker Duo is a must-have. It includes a long-wear vibrant red nail polish called “Gotta Ketchup” and 80 fast-food-themed nail stickers. Burgers, fries, ice cream, soda cups, and golden arches – it’s all there in a package that looks just like a side order of fries!

And finally, we have Nail.Inc’s ode to the beloved Big Mac. The Mini Nail Polish Duo with Stickers comes with two mini polishes: “Gotta Ketchup” (a deep red) and “Big Mac Please” (a brown shade). This set also includes 80 nail stickers. And guess what? It’s all packaged together to look like a Big Mac for that extra fun touch.

Head over to Amazon now and get your hands on the Nails.Inc x McDonald’s collection. This collaboration is perfect for anyone who wants to level up their at-home manicures this spring. Prices start at just $7, so there’s something for everyone. Grab your favorite McDonald’s-inspired nail products and show off your love for the Golden Arches in style!