Viral Video Shows British Police Berating American Tourists For Shouting Names At King’s Guard

A King’s Guard was heckled by American tourists in London, UK, prompting police to intervene and evoking strong feelings against visitors and criticism for disrespecting the soldier’s duty.

The King’s Guards are sentry postings at Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace, organized by the British Army’s Household Division.

You might recognize them from their famous red coat and tall bearskin hats, stoically standing for a lengthy period of time or sitting on majestic horses.

Their steadfastness and quietness are undeniably impressive assets of the special division, but it also makes it easy to forget that these are real people with real jobs rather than unanimated statues.

A group of giggling American tourists learned this the hard way earlier this week after being caught disturbing a British soldier who was standing guard in London.

American tourists heckled a King’s Guard in London, prompting police intervention

Image credits: kallum643564

Taking to his TikTok page, a man named Kallum posted a video that showed the disturbers filming and trying to get a reaction from a King’s Guard, igniting the police to interpose themselves.

In the video, which has now amassed 2.4 million views, the visitors could be seen laughing and provoking the soldier into smiling while yelling name suggestions at him. Despite the perturbations, the guard remained completely immobile.

Nevertheless, after some repetitive digs from the women in the group, a police officer was seen stepping forward, explaining: “These soldiers serve their country.”

Image credits: kallum643564

“They take their job seriously. 

“They are responsible for protecting this facility. They are not an object of ridicule.

“Appreciate you are having fun, [but] he’s not having fun. He’s got a long day. It’s a lot of hours he’s got to do. 

“It is tiring, it is exhausting, and you are taking the p*** out of him. 

“We do not appreciate that, and I will ask you to leave the facility.”

A TikTok video captured the tourists disturbing the soldier while he maintained composure

Image credits: kallum643564

Seemingly embarrassed, the troublemakers promptly left the area as other bypassers, including Kallum, filmed the scene.

“Would they ever do this at the tomb of the unknown soldier? Of course not, so why do they think they can do with our military?” a TikTok user asked, to which Kallum replied: “You can’t teach stupid mate can you.”

“People forget these are literal soldiers,” another person commented.

Image credits: kallum643564

Upon being scolded by police, the tourists promptly left the area, seemingly embarrassed

Image credits: kallum643564

Someone else wrote: “As an American, I am literally appalled by their behavior. 

“My sincerest apologies for their lack of respect.”

A separate individual chimed in: “Well said! Tourists should have more respect for the countries they’re visiting.

King’s Guards often deal with these kinds of incidents. However, in April of last year, one soldier finally decided that enough was enough when he retaliated against a tourist trying to take a selfie with him.

A video showed the woman seemingly touching the infantryman before he abruptly shouted: “Do not touch the King’s Life Guard!” shocking the crowd and the Internet, as per The New York Post.