Expert: Kate Middleton is “stressed and anxious”

The British royals have had a hectic time recently, not least since Queen Elizabeth died. The family experienced a particularly trying period after the death of the Queen since they had to maintain their unity in public while also grieving.

After Queen Elizabeth’s passing, the British royal family, particularly Prince William and Kate Middleton, underwent a period of transition, balancing public duties with personal grief. They relocated to Adelaide Cottage near Windsor Castle, with their children starting at a new school. Despite their royal obligations, Kate remains dedicated to her charitable endeavors. The couple is also gearing up for a trip to the US for the Earthshot Prize events, reflecting their commitment to environmental causes.

However, amidst these changes, William and Kate have encountered significant stress and anxiety. The move, coupled with increased responsibilities and the loss of the Queen, has placed pressure on the couple. Despite their efforts to maintain normalcy, they’ve faced challenges in adjusting to their new life. This period of upheaval has tested their resilience as they navigate their roles within the royal family and strive to balance their public duties with their personal well-being.

Let’s send William and Kate our best wishes for success.

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