Lynda Carter’s Enduring Love: A Tribute to Her Late Husband

Lynda Carter, the beloved actress and singer known for her role as Wonder Woman, continues to grapple with the profound grief of losing her husband, Robert Altman, to a rare blood cancer in 2021. Even after three years, the pain remains ever-present. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Carter opened up about her enduring love for Altman and how she keeps his memory alive.

“He was the great love of my life,” Carter says of Altman, whom she married in 1984 and raised two children with. “I think of him every day. There are countless moments throughout my day when I find myself thinking, ‘Oh Robert would know.’ Even when I’m on a flight, I still expect him to text, asking if I landed safely or if everything was alright.”

To honor Altman’s memory, Carter released a heartfelt song entitled “Letters From Earth.” This poignant tribute reflects the deep sense of loss and longing experienced when a loved one is no longer physically present. “The soul of the song is about missing someone so immensely because they were an integral part of your life.

It’s difficult to fathom that you won’t see them again in this life,” Carter explains. “You wonder, ‘How can I communicate with you? Where are you? There’s too much of you left on this earth, too many people who love you.’” Carter hopes that her song will resonate with others who have experienced such profound loss, offering solace and celebrating the enduring power of love.

In addition to her music, Carter has also partnered with City of Hope, a renowned research and treatment center, to fund critical research for complex blood cancers like the one that took Altman’s life. She expresses excitement about the recent advancements in scientific understanding and hopes to contribute to further breakthroughs.

While Carter keeps herself busy with music, family time, and charitable endeavors, she admits that the absence of a life partner is deeply felt. “My life was an adventure with him,” she shares. “We traveled and did fun things together. But now, when you’re alone, you have to navigate everything by yourself, and that’s not fun.” Despite the challenges, Carter finds solace in the company of cherished friends and the constant presence of her children, who also had a close relationship with Altman. They often reminisce about him and keep his memory alive through shared stories.

Reflecting on her relationship with Altman, Carter fondly recalls the unique connection they shared. “He got a kick out of me,” she says with a smile. “He was a calm and kind person who appreciated my personality and the things I brought to our lives. We laughed together and went on incredible adventures. We faced challenges together, but life was always an exciting journey with him.” She admits that even though the memory of their love sustains her, the question of where he has gone still lingers in the depths of her heart.

As Lynda Carter continues her journey of healing and remembrance, her unwavering love for her late husband shines through. It serves as a reminder that love transcends time and space, and that true connections never fade away. To learn more about Lynda Carter and her enduring love for her late husband, don’t miss the latest issue of PEOPLE, available on newsstands now.