Lynda Carter’s Secret to Aging Gracefully at 72

Lynda Carter, known for her iconic role as Wonder Woman, continues to amaze people with her youthful appearance at the age of 72. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, she opens up about her secret to looking amazing without resorting to drastic cosmetic procedures.

Carter reveals that the key to her enduring beauty lies in the fact that she hasn’t “changed too dramatically” over the years. Unlike many celebrities who opt for facelifts and other surgeries, she has chosen to embrace the natural aging process. “I don’t cut my face, so I probably look just myself, but older,” she says with a smile.

When asked why she has never undergone any facial surgery, Carter admits that fear has played a significant role in her decision. She has seen the unfortunate results of bad cosmetic procedures and wants to avoid that at all costs.

Aside from her radiant appearance, Carter also discusses the personal challenges she has faced. She shares her deep longing for her late husband, Robert Altman, who passed away from blood cancer in 2021. Despite navigating the world alone, she finds solace in the company of her friends and her daughter Jessica, with whom she recently enjoyed a memorable trip to Paris Fashion Week.

Speaking about her glamorous looks during public appearances, Carter demystifies the façade of perfection. She credits an extensive beauty routine involving hair, makeup, and professional styling for her stunning red carpet appearances. She humorously points out that without these preparations, actors and celebrities would resemble regular people in their everyday lives.

Carter also reflects on her decision to step away from Hollywood in the early ’80s after marrying Altman. Although she still receives offers for acting roles, she is currently focused on her music career and finding fulfillment in her new life. She questions whether she wants to commit to the demanding nature of the industry at this stage.

In summary, Lynda Carter’s secret to looking amazing at 72 is embracing her natural self and avoiding dramatic cosmetic procedures. She cherishes her personal relationships and enjoys the process of getting glammed up for special occasions. With her music career taking center stage, Carter is at a point in her life where she is reevaluating her priorities and deciding what truly brings her happiness.