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Matt Roloff and Caryn Clash Over Interior Design at New Home: ‘We Got Problems’

In the latest episode of ‘Little People, Big World’, Matt Roloff and his fiancee Caryn Chandler found themselves in a clash of tastes as they designed their new Oregon farmhouse. Despite being recently engaged, the couple couldn’t see eye to eye on the interior design decisions.

Last week, Matt revealed that he would be leaving the family’s beloved Oregon farm to his ex-wife Amy. With that decision made, Matt and Chandler embarked on decorating their new home. They even sought the help of an interior designer to find some common ground in their differing tastes.

However, being in a relationship since 2017 didn’t stop the couple from running into disagreements. Chandler argued that because they are not married yet, the new home is still Matt’s house that they are merely sharing. Matt, wanting the home to be their joint space, expressed his desire for it to be “our house”. But Chandler maintained her perspective, saying, “Well, I appreciate that, but it’s still always going to be your house that we’re gonna share.”

Even simple decisions like choosing the flooring became a challenge for the couple. They debated whether to go for a “barn wood” look or explore something different from the Roloff family farm house. Chandler didn’t want it to resemble a barn, while Matt was open to the idea. They were struggling to find a compromise.

In an effort to bridge their design differences, Matt proposed a solution. He suggested that Chandler point out the areas she doesn’t want him to put his preferred products, and he would work with what’s left. Chandler playfully tested this approach by asking if a specific piece of flooring was something he liked. With a smirk, she responded, “Nowhere.”

The episode also revealed Matt’s decision to leave the Oregon farm to Amy, rather than their four children in the event of his death. This caused controversy among the family, especially with Amy, who was taken aback by the unexpected news.

Tension between Matt and his children has been growing, as he admitted during the season 25 trailer that he doesn’t see some of them very often. However, the focus of this episode was on the clash of design preferences between Matt and Chandler.

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