Pitbull Collaborates with Music Icon Dolly Parton in New Song

Pitbull, the renowned rapper known as Mr. Worldwide, has teamed up with country music legend Dolly Parton in his latest song titled “Powerful Women.” This collaboration pays tribute to strong women everywhere and features a sample from Parton’s iconic track “9 to 5.”

To celebrate their collaboration, Pitbull and Parton met up in Nashville, where they posed for a photo together. In the picture, the two artists stand side by side, radiating enthusiasm for their musical partnership. Pitbull shared the photo on social media, expressing his honor to be working with one of the most influential women in the music industry.

During one of his concerts, Pitbull shared a humorous anecdote about his encounter with Parton. He jokingly referred to himself as “Dale” while acknowledging Parton as “Dolly,” emphasizing her legendary status. In response, Parton playfully claimed to be “Ms. Worldwide,” adding to the light-hearted banter between the two artists.

Pitbull is no stranger to collaborating with talented musicians, having previously worked with artists like Kesha and Usher. Currently on The Trilogy Tour alongside Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin, Pitbull continues to captivate audiences with his energetic performances and chart-topping hits.

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton released her 49th solo album titled “Rockstar” last year. This highly anticipated record features a blend of covers and original songs, as well as collaborations with renowned artists such as Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Pink. Parton’s album achieved massive success and earned her the highest-charting album of her career.



With their latest collaboration, Pitbull and Dolly Parton have created a dynamic and empowering anthem that celebrates women’s strength and resilience. Their partnership highlights the remarkable impact they have made in the music industry and the undeniable talent they possess. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and collaborations from these two influential artists.